Integrative Psychotherapy

mind-body medicine: more than traditional talk therapy

When there is client interest, I incorporate well-researched mind-body techniques to retrain a nervous system that has been negatively impacted by general life stress or trauma.

Neuroscience provides ample evidence that thought patterns and emotional experiences are stored in and influenced by the body. Integrative psychotherapy addresses the nervous system directly through linking the thoughts, breath, emotions, and body sensations.

Yoga postures, breathing techniques, guided meditation, pressure points, and mindful movement may all be utilized to retrain the nervous system. Based on more than a decade of experience as a yoga teacher and a Thai yoga body-worker, I incorporate body-centered psychotherapy in sessions to deepen the work of therapy when appropriate.

Integrative psychotherapy is not for everyone. I only incorporate it into our work if you are interested.


Simple and comfortable postures may provide an avenue for further exploration and processing of what arises during therapy. Postures can also be utilized to retrain unconscious tension patterns in the body that lead to anxiety and depression.


I use IREST meditation, a style of meditation that includes mindfulness meditation and other techniques, to treat trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, and depression.


Breathing techniques can provide both immediate and long term reduction in chronic stress and other conditions that interfere with daily life. I will evaluate your natural breathing and suggest simple modifications that can be woven into your life.